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International Patent filing

Prof. Pavan Mamidi


Prof. Mamidi holds a D.Phil in Sociology from Oxford, a LL.M from Harvard Law School and an Undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Osmania University.

He has taught courses on legal institutions as an assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He has also developed and taught courses for Indian policy makers and government officers. He has visiting positions at MIT and the University of Michigan

His consulting experience includes services to the technology industry, covering both Indian and US firms.

His research includes Patenting criteria, technological innovation and the social costs of intellectual property. He has done work on field-based empirical work on social norms, trust, and inter-ethnic negotiations. He has conducted field interviews with left-wing guerrillas in tribal villages in south India to investigate their recruitment processes. He contributes to training the government in strategies of peaceful conflict resolution, and draws the attention of belligerent actors in rebel areas to the rights of civilian victims who get caught in the crossfire.

His ongoing research at the Program on the Legal Profession focuses on the role played by small town lawyers in negotiating, solving holdout problems, and settling disputes among farmers in the process of aggregation of land for industrialization in India. He is currently engaged in a RCT-based field experiment that measures the impact of criminalizing bribe-giving on the supply-side of corruption

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