ipMetrix’s cutting-edge commercialization solution offers:

  • Thorough set of licensing services
  • Extensive network of agents to enhance chances of licensing
  • Unique commercialization support for entrepreneurs and incubators
  • Technology platform for optimizing delivery

    Today's globalized businesses need IP protection in all countries of operation. For example, a mobile manufacturer having a US market base, Chinese manufacturing facility and Indian software design center would need IP protection in all of these countries. The legal work requires cross-border collaboration.

    ipMetrix's advantages to client are:

    • Protect client interest

      Traditional law firms drive relationships with foreign law firms based on mutual business interest and not client interest. This model is very inefficient and expensive. ipMetrix's global partner network ensures that client interest is safe-guarded.

    • No hourly billing for queries over phone/e-mail

      Traditional law firms charge per hour for conversations and email reviews. This model does not integrate well with internal processes of client organization. ipMetrix does not charge per hour for queries over phone or e-mail.

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Core IP commercialization capabilites:

  • Portfolio Evaluation for Licensing
  • ipMetrix adopts a proprietary QuickReview methodology to identify the potential of a portfolio for licensing. Please contact us to know more about how we go about doing this.

  • Valuation of IP Assets and Technology
  • ipMetrix has a team of trained experts to perform valuation of IP assets and technology. Our experts use cost based, market transactions based, income based, and risk based methods for valuing IP assets and technology. The actual methods used for valuing assets in a particular transaction vary depending on the context of the transaction, nature of assets, and availability of information.

  • License Deal Brokering and Negotiation
  • Business savvy approach combined with detailed oriented research enables us to add tremendous value in the licensing process. We work with an extensive network of agents and brokers around the world to maximize the value our clients derive from licensing their portfolio. Apart from deal brokering, we also lend our expertise in portfolio evaluation, valuation of assets, and negotiation throughout the deal process.

  • Innovation/Technology Assessment for Commercialization
  • We believe that IP is best used when it is commercialized by the right people in the right context. We offer assessment services to evaluate if an innovation or technology is mature enough to be commercialized. We are keen on developing an ecosystem that will enable a thriving IP economy. In this endeavor, we offer training to technology entrepreneurs, and commercialization professionals from incubation centers and IP cells on innovation and technology assessment methodologies.